Forget Baghdad….Jews of Baghdad couldn’t!

by samar on September 1, 2012

Just finished watching a very interesting documentary called “Forget Baghdad”. Released in 2002,  the film talks about the Jews of Iraq and how they lived as Arabs in Baghdad and then left to Israel and lived as “Mizrahim” .

Three Interesting men talk about their lovely memories of living with Arabs and how they were part of the communist party.  How they were sprayed with DTT before getting off the planes that transported them to the new country Israel.  One woman talks about being too ashamed to eat her typical Iraqi sandwich in front of her class mates in Israel because they would call her The “smelly Iraqi”.

They never stopped being Arab or Iraqi.

The Film is directed by Samir who is the son of an Iraqi communist Muslim who immigrated to Switzerland.

I think both Arabs and everybody else should give this film a try.

Here is the link to the film’s page



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