Saying “Pizza” and “Beach” can land you in prison for 32 years if you are Muslim

by samar on August 25, 2012



True Talk spoke Friday to Laila Yaghi who is campaigning on behalf of her 24 years old son Ziyad . Convicted of “conspiracy” to harm unnamed people in foreign countries Ziyad Yaghi was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Not accused of any acts of violence, he is currently imprisoned in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at the Coleman Federal Penitentiary in Florida, a facility designated for convicted violent prisoners, where he has spent months in solitary confinement. Though imprisonment has silenced him, his mother speaks out for him. Hear Laila Yaghi talk about her son’s trial, the flimsy prosecutor evidence, government allegations that going to the “beach,” was code for terrorist plans, the price her son paid for refusing to “co- operate” and lie about others in exchange for a reduced sentence, and more. . .


Laila and Mel


Mel Underbakke is a great Christian Lady who is a member of the First United Church of Tampa. She is trying to make more Americans aware of the case.

Mel almost in tears


you can help Laila through this web site

Was tough for me not to tear up when Laila said she can’t visit her son because she has no money


Please take the time to listen to her story. Spread the word as much as you can.

Listen here to the show

After the show:  I was shwoing Laila how people from all over the world were following the show and her story and retweeting about it.




we tried to make Laila laugh but….


We tried to make Laila laugh but…



and totally unrelated to the story!!!

I collect my plastic recyclables and donate them to the Radio Station and this “Garbage” that sustains the environment helps pay the bills!


Hitting two birds with one stone

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